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Week 37

September 17th, 2019 at 01:13 am

Grocery = $49.45
Eating Out = We went out for lunch on Saturday, $33.50

Week 36

September 10th, 2019 at 04:42 pm

Grocery = $32.80 – a lot better.


September 10th, 2019 at 04:41 pm

Total = $2,382.27

This is really late because I hurt my arm and I’m trying to rest it. I initially hurt it almost a month ago now, it was just a little sore but I kept doing gardening and other stuff that it just kept getting sore again. And then last week when I was working out I think I really made it worst. I didn’t feel it though until that night when I was trying to sleep and it was really throbbing.

Grocery = $343.62 – It seems a lot harder for us these days to stay under $300 per month. I think the main reasons are:
1. Prices have gone up especially with the staple items.
2. We are eating a lot less these days and cooking a lot more at home.
3. We have been trying out few new recipes lately and some require ingredients that we don’t normally buy.
4. We have also been introducing more variety into our diet. I’ve been trying to eat at least 5 cups of vegetables a day. At least the garden is starting to help reduce in this category.
I’m okay with these but at the same time I’ve started to really look at ways to cut costs. On the weekend I found milk that was 60% off because it was due in 2 days’ time, instead of $3 for the 1.5 litre milk it was only $1.20. This milk was with extra cream so I bought 2 bottles and made yogurt (500g) and cheese (about 300g) and the rest DH made kefir for our breakfast for half a week’s worth. Just for the yogurt and cheese it would have cost $10 or so and I only spent not even half an hour making both of them the rest of the time was just leaving it do its thing. And then last night I made fresh tortellini with some of the cheese, with just butter and sage from the garden as sauce. Few months ago we went and got some Chinese dumplings the price has gone up from $10 for 10 to $13, so last month when I got the craving for some dumplings I decided to buy the ingredients, I think it cost me around $8, including making the chilli oil and made 3 dozens of it. So, I got to freeze some of them. Right now I have been enjoying making stuff so I will continue until I get sick of it.


*Put as much money we possibly can into Investments (at least $40K).
I’m hoping this will be done in 2 months’ time.

*Save $3K for Holiday money.

*Save $5K for "The Challenge"
Had 11 NSD so $33
DH made some money trading but I haven’t asked him if it was enough to put some money into this, I don’t think he really calculated how much he made. Maybe I’ll add it next month.

Other –

*Read 200 books.
98 An Imaginary Life - David Malouf (8 Aug)
99 The Girl on the Page - John Purcell (10 Aug) - Audio
100 The Miniaturist - Jessie Burton (13 Aug)
101 The Informant - Susan Wilkins (17 Aug) - Audio
102 The Mourner - Susan Wilkins (20 Aug) - Audio
103 Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse (21 Aug)
104 The Killer - Susan Wilkins (23 Aug) - Audio
105 Don't Let her Go - Harlan Coben (25 Aug) - Audio
106 Home - Harlan Coben (27 Aug) - Audio
107 Fool me Once - Harlan Coben (28 Aug) - Audio
108 Hunting Shadows - Sheila Bugler (31 Aug) - Audio

*Continue Learning Spanish.
Doing a little bit, losing my groove.

* Wake-up early workout and or meditate 5 times a week.
I was doing good and then I hurt my arm.

*Blogging once per week.

*Continue Garden/Landscaping.
I actually did a bit at the front yard but now I really need to rest my arm for a while

*Continue Decluttering.
I’m looking forward to doing some spring cleaning later this month

*Learn to Draw
This has been forgotten.

Week 35

September 1st, 2019 at 06:40 pm

Grocery = $66.33, reasonable.

Trash and Treasure Market = Yesterday we went to the market and end up spending $120 plus $2 for entry fee. We got some birds netting , weed mat, cumquat tree, butcher’s knives (2) and a toy for my niece.

The weather has been nice the last few day although it rained a lot late yesterday afternoon, I guess spring is here.