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Anniversary Weekend Getaway

August 29th, 2012 at 06:42 pm

I found and already booked a place to stay for our anniversary. We will be going south, about 3+ hours away from our place. The town is called Warrnambool, it is on the coast just pass The Great Ocean Road. It is known for whale watching, Iím hoping we will be able to see one, October is the end of the season though so Iím not expecting too much. The place we will be staying at is near an underground aquifer and so they have their own naturally heated geothermal spa, I canít wait to try that.

The overnight stay will cost $129 including breakfast, bottle of sparkling wine, unlimited access to the geothermal spa (they are normally $15 per person) and late check-out. This will leave us with $171 for gas, food and fun stuff that we would like to do. We will probably bring some food with us too.

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