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Carbon Tax

July 10th, 2012 at 08:41 pm

As of the start of this month the government is now charging carbon tax to those company that emit carbon. Inevitably it will be passed on to us consumers. The other day we just received a letter from our Electric and Gas Company letting us know that prices will go up again this time it is due to the new carbon tax. It will go up on average around $8 a week, over $5 for electricity and around $3 for gas. The government when campaigning about this new tax promised that it will only increase living expense by about $9 per week and that a lot will be compensated by decreasing income tax and will be giving cash to low income and family with children. For DH and me it means we get nothing. I think the estimated $9 p/week was a big joke when electricity and gas alone accounts for $8 already. Again I am so glad that we got the solar panels last year.

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  1. Jerry Says:

    As soon as we get our own place, I am putting up solar panels. If done right, it leads to some insurance of lower power rates, and can even replace the grid in some instances. Germany is using solar like crazy, it is definitely feasible!

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