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May 8th, 2012 at 07:39 pm

I cooked the Singaporean noodles for dinner last night. I also made a key lime pie. I found a really simple recipe yesterday. DH and I both agree it was nice but too sweet for us and we both preferred the cheesecake that I made last week.

On the weekend I bought a lot of sweet potatoes at the market, it was for only 69cents a kilo. I found another recipe yesterday that sound yummy it is for a Moroccan sweet potato, carrot and chick pea soup. Ill make this for dinner tonight. I already started soaking the chickpea last night.
It must be the colder weather that Im really in the mood for cooking.

There is no plan to spend money today. I might go out for lunch tomorrow with DH and his co-workers/friends. We want to try this new all you can eat place near DHs work.

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