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NSD no more

April 23rd, 2012 at 02:24 am

I said yesterday was a NSD, well that was very late in the afternoon here and by then there was no way that we would be going out to spend any money. I was wrong.

After dinner I got thinking about mother's day, which is in 3 weeks time. DH's mum is hard to shop for and to top it off she lives in another state. I thought maybe a gift basket it can be delivered straight to her. No luck, she won't like most of it. She doesn't drink and she has a very strict diet. The only thing that might work is the chocolate basket but $50 worth of it is a bit much.

After that I decided to look at Groupon and other sites like it. I was thinking of maybe a weekend getaway but it can't be too far from their place, she don't fly so it must be driving distance. Nothing at the moment, I will keep trying.

Anyway, while going through the Groupon website I found a handheld steamer for $49 each or $90 for two. Unfortunately, MIL already got one. I asked her about it and apparently it is not bad. I'm willing to give it a try for this price. MIL one cost her over $200 but it came with the vacuum cleaner. I got 2, I will give the other one to my mum as part of her Mother's day gift. I used my birthday money for my one, MIL actually suggested it.

So to recap, I officially spent $45 last night for Mother's day gift for next month. And I've taken $45 out of my allowance for my steamer.

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