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Gift money and mobile phone

April 18th, 2012 at 03:02 am

I still don't know what to do with my $100 that I got from the in-laws yesterday. My mother inlaw already asked me last night about it. There are a couple of things that I've been wanting to get. I've been thinking of getting an ipod touch for years now but because I got the ipod shuffle (which we got years ago for free), I still have doubt whether it is necessary. And the price is still too high for me. I know it's funny that we can spend a lot of money on dinner out, I obviously put more value on that, but could spend years trying to figure this one out.

Another thing I could get instead is an iphone or some other smart phone, DH actually suggested this. This will be a lot more expensive and plus I still really love my really really old phone. I don't want to spend more on phone bill just because of the new phone. So far this year we've only spent $45 on both our mobile phones, and this is including the $15 that I just put into my phone the other day, I don't think this will be possible if I get a new phone. Last year we spent less than $100 on both our mobile phones! If anyone deserves a new phone its DH, his phone is as old as mine and it is more banged up. And he gets laughed at work for it, I've told him that he could get a new one if he wants but I think he wants to wait when the Samsung s2?? gets cheaper. And he doesn't like the idea that the battery on those new phones don't last long and that you pretty much have to recharge them everynight. He has problem with it now when he only has to deal with it once a week. Another thing that DH don't like about it is how people get so addicted to those phones, and I do too. Great example of it was last night, the couple next to our table were just crazy with their phones. The place was really romantic and the lighting was really dim but you could see bright lights coming from their phones from the other side of the room. Although it helped a lot when I was trying to find my way back to our table when I was coming from the bathroom, it was like a beacon. They kept looking at their phones every couple of minutes, that I started thinking that maybe they were texting each other from across the table lol. This compare to us where DH didn't even bother bring his phone, knowing that I was taking mine, we didn't need two. I did get a couple of text at dinner from friends wishing me happy birthday, I didn't respond to them until we were driving home.

SO after about 3 years we still haven't made a decision about getting a new phone, eventually we will have to get new ones.

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