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Annual Bills

January 14th, 2012 at 07:43 pm

Just paid both the car insurance and home and content insurance for the year. One is due today and the other is due tomorrow.

I'm glad these are out of the way for another year but because of it we are already way behind in our budget in terms of time versus spending for the year. Will try to reel it back in the next few months.

I only managed to deposit $1 into the exercise challenge, I didn't get to do the exercise bike. I got too busy with helping DH to make tacos for dinner. I don't know why but after dinner I had a shower, totally forgot that I was meant to get on the bike. I didn't wanted to get all sweaty after that. DH haven't done any exercises in the last few days, so the contribution to the challenge have slowed down a bit.

1 Responses to “Annual Bills”

  1. Jerry Says:

    I love the savings that lead from paying insurance on the annual or semi-annual premium plans, but it is definitely a hit to the budget all at once like that. Glad to have that out of the way, I'm sure!

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