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June 27th, 2011 at 11:13 pm

I suck at blogging!

The oven is still not working. We almost got a replacement on the weekend but then we opted to think about it some more. The sale price was really good but DH and I thought that we really need to research the brand first before buying it. They had 2 brands and about $400 the difference between the 2. They were both 20% off for one day only (on Sat). Unfortunately for us there are not much to pick, most store sell the electric oven and we need gas. Out of 20 brands they tend to only sell 2 brands that have gas oven. I guess they are mainly European brands and that what sells over there. We are willing to wait til the christmas sales, hopefully the price would have gone down by then and we should know which brand we want to get by then too.

Right now we are using the glass convection oven that we bought for $49 three weeks ago. So far so good, we've used it about half a dozen times now. We have cooked carrot cake, roast pork, vegies, etc. It's big enough for DH and me but I can't really have people over for roast. This should last us for a while or until we get the oven replacement.

Over a week ago a friend of mine give me 2 tickets to a Kylie Minogue concert, I'm not really much of a fan but her show is great and it was free. DH and I made the most of it and decided to stay over night in the city in a nice hotel and dinner before the concert. We ended up spending a bit, it wasn't plan (ie wasn't in the budget) but it was great.

We might end up going overseas after all this year for our 5 year anniversary. We got a really cheap deal on accommodation in Phuket, Thailand for 7 nights. We got 2 years to use it so if we can't make it this year then definitely next year. But now I'm thinking of using it for our annivesary instead of going up north to Cairns or somewhere (which DH is really keen on going). This might end up to be a bit cheaper. Well, it is not for few more months so we got time to look for cheap flights and make our final decision. The biggest problem is to see if DH can take time off. A whole week off might be a bit too much, if we go to Cairns we will probably only go for a 4 day weekend. It doesn't really matter where we go or if we even end up going as long as we are together.

DH got paid on Friday, it was more than usual because of the short pay last time. We put in $2000 extra into the mortgage. Good news on the mortgage front we actually only need to come up with $1218 a month, instead of $1700 that we initally thought. It doesn't really matter how much it is, the more the better as long as the interest amount is the same.

The 2011 $20K Challenge is still going well, expect for too much going out. Why is it so hard to curve this?

We got our first Electric bill since having our solar panels. Unfortunately DH had to call them because they over charge us with the service fee of reprograming our meter to accommodate for the solar panels. So now we have to wait for a new bill that they will be re-sending. So far I can definitely see a difference in our bill and it should get better during summer when the days are longer.

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  1. snafu Says:

    The best weather in Thailand is Nov - Feb, rains daily June - Oct, hot & humid Mar - May. How many hours to fly? Since accommodation, food, ground expenses are so cheap, it is more cost effective to spend several weeks in Thailand starting in Bangkok, N. to ChaingMai and south to several resorts since each is significantly different. The inter-city buses are fun, trains offer opportunities to visit with people from all over the world. For a short time train passengers become their own village with food hawkers joining in station to station.

    Take time to do some research so that you spend your time seeing/doing what is important to you. Some people go for festivals, culture, food, shopping, beach scene, ancient villages, live like a local and of course the infamous sex tourists.

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