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Just a quick update

November 29th, 2010 at 05:13 pm

- Friday was another NSD.
- Saturday we spent money on groceries. And gift for a friend's house warming. We also spent money on Hungry Jack (Burger King) after the housewarming. She didn't have much food and on the way home we were still hungry so we got some burgers.
- I decided to buy my contact lenses online (first time doing this), I thought I should give it a try. I only got the smallest quantity I could get. Only cost me $40 incl postage. Not bad.
- Paid the property rate for the quarter, $322.

We are already officially over the 20K mark. I think we might even go over $21,000 for the year. We got our car insurance due in 2 weeks and that will cost over $600.

Things have to change next year. We have to stop eating out too much. The head of our reserve bank is actually telling everyone to start saving more of their income while we are in a boom because it will not last. I wonder if people will actually listen to him. I do know that people are more aware about it since we can clearly see what it has done in the US and EU.

I was going to keep this really short but it is not as short as I intended it to be. Today is the end of the month so I will post my November numbers tomorrow.

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