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Sunday Shopping and hoping for NSD Monday

November 21st, 2010 at 05:11 pm

Yesterday (Sunday here) was spent window shopping to get an idea on how much are stuff for our bathroom renovation is going to cost us and the sytle that we might want to copy. Unfortunately most bathroom showrooms were closed on Sundays, so will have to go back sometime soon. We did get to see some and we have concluded that prices can vary so much. We really just have to have a reasonable budget and get quotes from builders. We don't want anything too fancy just to update.

We also went grocery shopping yesterday, spent just over $60 for everything we needed this week. Asparagus were really cheap at Aldi so I went crazy and got 4 bunches (for 89cents a bunch).

We also ended up eating out for lunch and had afternoon tea at this really lovely nursery. DH and I shared a cake and he also got a cup of coffee. At one stage I grab the coffee without thinking and almost had some but DH managed to stop me...lol
While there I got a plant for the front yard. And DH got this containers for sprouting seeds and some seeds for it, that was $29. We started sprouting some yesterday afternoon and they are already starting to sprout. I can't wait to have them in salads, sandwiches and stir fries.

On other news, DH did actually put in $500 extra into the mortgage. He also applied to get $250 gift card from our AMEX reward points. We got a letter from them that if we get at least $250 gift card this month we will get an extra 2 movie tickets. It was good timing since I was thinking that we should cash them up to use for next month's grocery and fuel. So it worked out well for us.

Today is Monday here and I am hoping to start the week with a NSD.

Have a nice week everyone.

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