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Got everything done on my to do list yesterday and plus some

November 19th, 2010 at 11:57 pm

Yesterday was a really productive day for me. Deposited my cheque. Went to the dentist, that cost $373 which is a lot. And I still need to go back next month, probably another $150+. When I was in high school I chipped one of my front tooth and had to eventually get a root canal. Now that tooth is starting to discolour again and had to get it bleach internally and will get the old capped replace next month. Since it got bleach over a month ago that tooth is now whiter than the rest so to make it all even I am currently under going a bleaching regimen in the next 2 weeks, everyday for at least 2 hours a day. I'm not suppose to drink coffee, tea and eat anything that might stain my teeth. Unfortunately, I only lasted 24 hours without coffee before I couldn't take it anymore. I did drank it through a straw and brushed my teeth right away...haha..total addict.

Our lunch date yesterday was fantastic, we went to a nice Greek restaurant, I had a really yummy calamari salad. I think we spent $43 including drinks (I'm yet to put yesterday's spending into my spreadsheets, will do that after this). We also got coffee and macadamia baklava at this Greek bakery that was next door to the restaurant, that was $11.

After our lunch I got DH's old watch a new battery. We have been thinking of getting him a new watch but this was definitely a cheaper option. I think he have kept this watch in the drawer for few years now. He has got another working watch but he only wears it on special occassion, it's a bit fancy to wear around everyday. I spent $15 for new battery. However, it is not waterproof anymore, that would have cost a lot more, anyway he never wears his watch while swimming or in the shower so no big deal.

And last night I got my hair cut ($25), nothing special just my usual style.


Today we did end up going hiking, it has been such a lovely day. Perfect spring temperature, not a cloud in sight. We walked for almost 4 hours on a fairly tough terrain (it is rated easy to medium) for us amateurs. It was really enjoyable until towards the end when I started getting a headeache. By the time we got home it became a full blown migraine. That was when I decided to have a cup of coffee. Thankfully, 3 hours or so later, it is now almost gone. 1 day down, 13 days to go. I don't think my teeth will ever get to my desired whiteness before I go back to get my tooth fix again. It has to match you see. I guess I can always reschedule it to give me more time. But they are closed during christmas, which means it won't get done until next year. The old capped bit of that tooth is really standing out to the rest that has been internally bleached. Ohh the vanity! I wish I was more careful in high school.

1 Responses to “Got everything done on my to do list yesterday and plus some”

  1. Homebody Says:

    Teeth ugh! I have a cap that the hygienist was afraid might need replacing, afraid of some decay. I am flossing like mad!

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