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Dental Work

November 15th, 2010 at 05:33 pm

This was another thing that kept me busy in the last couple of months. I'm actually been to the dentist few times already and will need to go back again this Friday. Most of it is necessary but I'm also getting some cosmetic/ or preventative job done. Unfortunately, the cosmetic work is not covered in my health insurance. So far I've spent already $350 and I think I still have another $400 to go. I'm just thankful that DH health issues earlier this year was covered by his old company.

I thought about maybe getting this work done next year but since it is not covered by my health insurance I thought I may as well get it out of the way. But then I probably should have got some of this work done last year. The previous dentist we went to was terrible and it has taken us a while to find a decent dentist.

I also went to my optometrist a month ago, no changes necessary this time around. I did get my eyes check for catarac (sp?) and stuff like that which cost me $20. But I will also need to go back soon to get more contact lenses. This will probably cost over $100 depending on how many sets I will get. The last time I got some was about 3 years ago and it cost me about that much.

Yesterday was a NSD and I'm hoping for another today. I'm thinking of getting my hair cut tomorrow, I should have really went with DH the other day but I was to lazy to get out in the rain. Anyway, I need to go to the bank to deposit a dividend check so I should have time to get my hair cut too.

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