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September 10th, 2008 at 06:57 pm

It's really quiet at work at the moment, so I got time to do some blogging Smile.

Financial wise it has been pretty quiet as well. Since I paid a bunch of bills on the weekend we havent really done much except for getting takeaway on Monday. We spent $12.85 for fish and chips. It was of course bad, it broke our no takeaway streak. We lasted 20 days. I was hoping to last for a month. Oh well, there's something to aim for next time.

Yesterday was a NSD, and I'm also hoping today would be one too (would make it 5 for this month so far). Oh and yesterday I got a free train pass. A nice stranger gave me her pass (she didn't need it anymore), So she saved me almost $5. Thank you, nice lady.

So far this week it has been really cheap. We do have an expensive weekend coming up. We are going out on Saturday night and I'm also going to get some stuff for our vegie garden. It's staring to warm up around here so now is the great time to start getting the garden for spring and summer crops. You just cant bet home grown tomatoes, yummo!

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