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Final interest payment

February 7th, 2017 at 12:34 am

Garden – I planted a bird-eye chilli last summer. Got a couple handfuls of chillies last summer, it wasn’t looking good during winter and I thought it was going to die. I trimmed it and hoped for the best and it is doing well again. So far it has produces more than double that we got last summer.

Decluttering – I emptied DH’s clothes drawers. I put all the clothes that I thought don’t belong in the drawers anymore in a laundry basket and then DH went through each one, some he tried on to see if still fits. Most of it got thrown away, about 5 went back into drawers and a few he wanted to keep (souvenirs items) that we put into a plastic container to store away.

Weekend – We did the grocery shopping Saturday morning and spent $75.33, right on our weekly budget. Saturday night we went out for dinner to celebrate paying off the mortgage. We went to a Croatian restaurant it was very yummy but pricey. It cost $106 for 4 entrée size dishes (we wanted to try variety of dishes) and a glass of wine for me and Croatian beer for DH. We used a $50 gift card and I received last year for my birthday (expiring in couple of months so it was good time to use it), so was out of pocket for $56, still a tad costly. Lately I’ve been rather anti going out to restaurants, I mean I still like eating out but I don’t like spending all that money and then sometimes you go out you get disappointed with either the meal or the service and end up feeling that it was such a waste of money. A $100 is more than a week worth of food for us or for that amount of money we could invite a bunch of friends and have a pretty good dinner party. We also spent $6 for 2 hour parking, we should have really parked further for free but they are hard to find. We spent most of our Sunday building a vegetable garden using old bricks from the old brick fence that we used to have. That brick fence collapsed last year when we had a really strong wind, it was already in bad shape to start with.

Mortgage – Our very last interest payment was $14.62. They actually now owe us some money, just under $300 because they just took out the usual monthly payment. I’m sure it will get all sorted out soon. And depending on how much the closing cost is we might still owe them some.

This and That

January 25th, 2017 at 09:23 am

Gardening – I have not done much with the veggie garden this summer. I just did not have much time but I did make sure to plant some tomatoes and basils, I've got a bit of tomatoes already.

Dinner party – Saturday night we had few friends over for dinner, card games and a Netflix movie. It was a lot of fun. It increased our grocery bill this month but it would have been a lot cheaper than going out to a restaurant.

Long weekend – DH is taking Friday off and since Thursday is a public holiday (Australia Day) then he will have 4-day weekend. We are thinking of going for a day trip somewhere maybe fishing, we have not done that for couple of years.

Grocery – Our grocery budget for this year is $300 per month. So far this month we are at $260.45, half of it was spent on the weekend when we did a big shop and bought some extra stuff for the dinner party. Even though we only got $40 left for this weekend it should be plenty, I’m hoping we might not even have to spend all of it. Right now we got a lot of leftovers in the freezer and the pantry is full.


April 14th, 2015 at 03:27 am

House Alarm Battery
The battery for our house alarm needed replacing. I think the last time we replaced it was over 5 years ago. DH bought one after work and was easy install for him to do. The battery cost $50.

Broken Roof Tile
We had to get someone to replace a broken roof tile. Luckily we already got some spare tiles around. We paid $50 and it only took him 10 minutes to do it. It was worth it. Another two quotes we got were for $150 and $250. Normally we do a lot of repairs ourselves but DH is not too keen on heights. He can get up a ladder but he won't actually get on to the roof. The broken tile was just out of reach for him to do. And he absolutely would not let me get up there either. $50 was a lot of money for 10 minutes work but it was necessary. Now we will have to fix the ceiling in the guest room where there is a little water damage because of it.

The shares that we purchase last month through Share Purchase Plan (SPP) was settled the end of last month. The plan that DH and I decided was to sell half of it right away so we can get part of our capital out. We got the maximum amount we could get but didn’t want to keep too much of it long-term. Since then it has just been going up so we decided to wait and see where it might go until on Wednesday last week we decided to sell some but since it has gone up a bit more than expected we decided to only got 1/3 out. The 1/3 got us almost 40% of our capital back, so we are happy with that.

It was a costly weekend. On Saturday we did the usual grocery shopping for the week and then went to Bunnings (hardware/garden store) to get some netting for the garden. We got those white cabbage butterflies/moths around and they just love laying their eggs on my vegetable leaves. I thought putting netting around them especially the cabbages and cauliflowers would be the best way, don't like to use sprays. We end up getting a really big size because it was half price and best value for money, only couple dollars more than the smallest size. While there we saw that they have a greenhouse on sale for half price as well, from $50 down to $25.

Saturday night we were invited to a 50th birthday celebration. It was held in one of those reception places normally more for weddings. Actually, been to this place back in 2001 for a friend’s wedding, unfortunately it is not what it used to be. The food were terrible, DH thought he had the worst steak ever. Everything was over cooked, I think they reheat things and that's why they end up so over cooked. It was a big party around 150 guests, it would have cost a lot. We just gave $100 cash as a gift, I had no idea what to get. They hired a photo booth and we all had fun with that.

Sunday we decided to go to a Trash and Treasure market, spent $34 which includes $2 entry fee for both of us. Got $10 of 4 tubs of seedlings, they were about half the price instead of getting from a nursery. I remember to back here next time. Also got 4 pot holders for $2, couple of plastic tubs, few metal brackets and a plaster saw for $1. The best thing we found a glass lid for our fish tank for only $4. Back in December we got a bigger fish tank from a friend but it didn't have a lid so we have been looking for one since then. The lid is millimetre perfect for our tank. One of the biggest things we got on the weekend and were a bit pricey was 6 rubber mats for the gym area in the garage that we are creating. It totalled just under $180 but it has been the cheapest thing we have seen out there.

On Sunday we also both got a haircut. I really needed one. All up the weekend expenses were just over $550. This coming weekend is not going to be cheap either.

Easter Weekend

April 8th, 2015 at 12:37 pm

Easter Weekend

Our long-weekend was pretty quiet, we did more work outside as clean the garage (half-way through it now). We did go out and did some shopping, we got a new little bbq and a small foldable table that we can use outside and should be able to take camping as well. They were both on sale. While shopping we ate out for lunch to a fairly inexpensive Chinese/Dumpling place. Apart from that we mainly stayed home and watched more Breaking Bad – it was BB marathon weekend for us and now we have finished it. We will probably now move on to watching "Better call Saul".


Normal monthly mortgage payment went through and the interest paid for this month was $112.17, so principal paid was $1,105.80. Balance right now is $25,574.99.

I did a calculation of our net worth for the end of the first quarter and we just hit $700K. That was a nice increase from the last time I looked at our net worth.


The cabbages are now about double in size and the cauliflowers are doing well. And the beetroots and beans and also starting to shots up. There are more kales and snow peas seedlings that have come up but the coriander are dead except for 1 and even that is not looking to good. And those seeds that DH planted are not happening.

Day light saving time finished on Sunday and now it feels like winter. I don't like it.

March 2015

April 1st, 2015 at 05:27 am

Mortgage = $1218

Living Expenses = $1527.82 (Not too bad)

Other = $802.41 (A bit too much here)

About $220 of this was for Mitre Saw compound ($148), sledge hammer and some MDF material. About $180 for gardening materials – soil, manure, seedlings, plants (both indoor and outdoor), a big bottle of weed killer, weed mat cover and small gardening tools. The other $170 was for quilt, quilt cover and comforter. We also spent about $35 on office supplies, mainly on a box of suspension files. The rest was for batteries for smoke alarms, brushes, etc. (too many rubbish to mention) and DH got a new fishing rod.

Total = $3,548.23

Veggie Garden

The red cabbage and cauliflower are doing well so far. Some goes with the lemongrass and Vietnamese mint. But the coriander is not looking too good. DH scattered some coriander seeds in the garden the other day maybe that will be better than the seedlings we planted. Today I saw 4 of the snow peas already poking through and I'm pretty sure there are a couple of the kales as well. Just been spraying the seeds we planted in the egg cartons on the weekend, I don't know how well they will go, time will tell.

Low Spend Weekend

March 30th, 2015 at 05:13 am

I did not go anywhere on the weekend. The only time we spent money was Saturday night when DH went out to get pizza, Pepsi and milk. All up it cost $21.75.
We spend all weekend working outside again. We are trying to get things done outside while the weather is still warm. We planted some more vegetables. We planted some cauliflowers and also decided to plant some seedlings; I do not know how well they will go some of them might be a bit old.

Most of our weekend was spent paving a little area in the backyard for the big rubbish bin that we have. We have some paver just laying around so it was good to make use of them and it tidy up the backyard. It took a while to level the area but we got there.

Saturday night we spent watching more Breaking Bad and that's when we decided to get Pizza for dinner and open a bottle of wine. Sunday A.M. we spent finishing the paving and in the afternoon to until 10pm we spent watching the final of world cup cricket. Australia won against the Kiwis. Yay!

Potential Loan

Friday night DH called his parents. His mum asked if they could borrow $3K if they need it. Long story short, they got money it's just it might be hard for them to get it out in short notice. They are getting their house painted (outside) but it could happen next week or it could happen in 3-4 months. If it happens in 3 months they won't need to borrow but if it happens sooner they will be short in cash because their money in term-deposit at the moment. Normally they have more cash than they need but because they just bought a new car this month they have dried up the savings account. We are more than happy to help them out, they have helped us a lot in the past when DH was unemployed. So the money that I was thinking of putting into the mortgage (extra) we will just keep for this. This is the extra pay that DH will receive this month. I will still put the tax refund money into the mortgage. If they do end up needing the money we will encourage them not to pay it back. We both just want to give it to them. We have offered to give them some money in the past to pay back some of the money that they have given us but they always refused. So this will be good time to pay them back.

Stuff that we did on the weekend

March 24th, 2015 at 07:17 am

Tree Stump
We finally got the tree stump and roots out. It has taken us over 2 weeks working on it a bit every day. It is a very heavy bugger so we just left it in the front yard. We are not sure what to do with it, we talked about making a feature out of it or just put it in the rubbish. I think we might have our annual green rubbish collection in May, I'm pretty sure it was in May that they collected it last year. I won’t be surprise if we get the notification for in next month. If we throw it out DH will have to cut it smaller they will not accept it at this size, too heavy. DH should be able to use the chain saw on it now.

Garden Bed
Most of soil that we dug out we used to build a couple of raised garden beds. We just added some chicken manure and mushroom compost. So far I have planted snow peas and kale from seeds in our usual veggie garden patch. In the new garden beds I got some seedling for it, so far I planted lemon grass, coriander and cabbage.

We will be building couple more garden beds, just need to clean more of the bricks. It takes a bit of effort to do I'm not in a hurry so just doing a bit every day.

Grocery Shopping
We did some food shopping this weekend. We went to the market to stock up the freezer. Then we went to Aldi to get the usual food items we need for the week. And then lastly, we went to another store to mainly get toilet rolls and other things that we couldn't get at Aldi.

At the shopping centre car park, we ended up waiting for this lady to get out so we could get her car park space. When she finished putting her shopping in the car I offered to put her trolley away, just to hurry things along it was easier for both of us (and I gave her a dollar to swap for the dollar she had in the trolley). She could get out quicker while DH could get in to the space while I put the trolley away. Anyway, she left her receipt in the trolley and there was a discount of $10 off for the store we were about to go and there were other discounts for their liquor store as well. I didn’t even knew that they do those discounts in this store but I think you have to spend over $200 to get those, which obviously she did. I knew about the liquor store discount but hose normally involves buying 1 and you get another 1 free type of discount. So the $15 plus shopping only cost us $5 or so. It paid for the toilet rolls. I find that a lot of people tend to just leave their shopping receipts in the trolley and I tend to just pick them up and put them in the bin. I will be checking them a closer from now on.


March 16th, 2015 at 05:11 am

Yard Work -
We spent most of our weekend doing yard work. I was hoping to do some planting but instead we spent most of it digging out a tree stump that is in the front yard that is pushing the brick wall fence. We end up destroying a row of a brick edging in front of it, we had to it is the only way to get to it. I'm not too worry about destroying it because we need to re-do the yard anyway. It has needed it for years. We had drought here for a long time that destroyed a lot of our plants. Because we were in water restriction for a long time we didn't bother doing too much with it. Our water restriction these days is a bit more relax and we can actually water our plants now. And I have been buying more drought tolerant plants from garage sales in the last 2 years. It will take us months to do it but I'm hoping we can get it done by next summer. First thing is to get this massive tree stump out. It's been over a year since we cut it and have been poisoning it few times but it is taking forever to die and now the next door neighbour is complaining about it so that's first priority at the moment.

With all this bricks and soil around I decided that I will make garden beds out of them, I just want to experiment with it. If it turns out good then maybe I'll make a permanent feature of it in the backyard.

Saturday Night –
We went out with some friends for a 9 course meal with wine at a Thai restaurant. A friend that organise the get together bought a voucher so it was only $39 per couple. But parking in the area was highway robbery and it didn't help that our meal went on for 3 hours. It took 1 hour for the first dish to come out, so DH had to go out in the rain to put more money in the meter, ended up spending $12. It is a terrible area there is not many options for parking so the council just take advantage of it. We are not going to that part of town anytime soon. We all joked about maybe the restaurant has a deal with the council to get people to spend more on parking. Oh well, it was still great catch up. One friend I haven't seen since last year.

Sunday -
We went grocery shopping, didn't really get much (don't need much); grapes, onions, milk, eggs, potato, chicken and 10 kil0 bag of rice. We still got plenty of rice but they were selling for half price, thinking about it now I probably should have got 2 bags.

Coffee & "Business Meeting"-
While at the shops we stopped by at one of our favourite café, it is in the same shopping centre. Lately, we have been coming to this café once or twice a month. We like to come here and have a "business meeting". Business meeting for us is talking about our finances especially our stocks/stock market/investments. When it comes to our trading/investing we are both very involve with it. We both like to see what each other thinks about a certain stock, should we be buying, selling or just holding, etc.. We have also been discussing a lot about our mortgage and other financial stuff. This time we talked about getting our mortgage down to $20K next month. It is kind of the thing that I want to get /celebrate for my birthday next month. And we think we should be able to do it if we can get our 2013-14 tax refund (I'm 90% sure we will get it by then), that would probably be around $2000-$2500 after accountant fee. We calculated that we will need $5,500 to get to $20K. So the rest we can get from the 'extra pay' next month. It's not really an extra pay, it just happens that DH will get paid 3 times next month instead of only twice (forth-nightly pay deal thing). So if we use that 'extra' pay next month we should be able to do it without derailing out other goal too much. The other goal is to hoard cash in the bank (around $20,000) just in case DH's job contract might not get renewed in June. We got around $13 at the moment.

We mainly talked about one of our stock that is doing a Share Purchase Plan (SPP) at the moment (due 24th of March). We talked about whether we should participate in it and where are we going to get the money from? Luckily, we have sold some stocks this year and we actually have enough to fully participate in the SPP. The SPP price is about $2 at the current price. The plan is to get the maximum amount and then sell half of it as soon as possible to luck some profit and then keep the other half long-term. This is one of our best performing stock so I am happy to add more of it in our portfolio.

We both really enjoy our meeting in this café, great atmosphere for it. The coffee is great and they have nice assortment of cakes to go with it. The servings are large so we normally just share a large coffee and slice of cake (DH decided to get NY cheesecake this time). All up it was $13.90. DH offered to pay for all of it out of his allowance since he was the one that really wanted the cake because I was still full from lunch but when it got to our table I still ate a bit of it so I said that we will split it. I actually have a lot of allowance saved up than him. Apart from weekends I really don't have chance to spend it before when I was working part-time it use to get spend a lot on coffee and snacks. I've actually now accumulated $500 but I have big plan to spend a big chunk of it for my birthday next month.

Oh my, this is a long post.

Long weekend, new beddings and gardening

March 11th, 2015 at 04:26 am

Monday was public holiday here. We spent most it doing some needed work around the house. It was good to tick off some of the items on the 'to do' list.

Saturday we talked about going to the movies to watch The Hobbit and then going out for dinner, I have been wanting to watch it since it came out here on Boxing Day but something else keeps coming up. Since then we have seen a couple of movies with other people none of them was into watching The Hobbit. Unfortunately, when we checked the session time it wasn't on anymore. I actually checked it the week before and it was still scheduled that weekend so they might have just taken it off. So we had to go with Plan B instead. We decided to borrow Season 4 of Game of Thrones and got some Chinese and opened a bottle of wine instead. It was a lot cheaper than going to the movies and eating out at a restaurant. So in between doing work around the house we watch Game of Thrones, 10 episodes for only $10 rental.

We also went out to do some shopping. We decided to get a new quilt and cover. The new queen size bed is a lot thicker than the old one so we decided to get a king size quilt and cover. I've always wanted to get a bigger size bedding to solve the problem of us fighting over it in the colder months. One of us always end up hogging the whole thing, I don't think we would have that problem this winter. Got a pretty good prize for it, just over $150 for an Australian wool & made quilt, quilt cover and 2 pillow cases.

I just harvested the last tomatoes and the basil is now starting to flower so it is also nearing the end. We got so much basil don't normally get these much but this year has been great. I made some pesto last night and had it with some pasta. I'm trying to use it so we can start planting some winter crops.

Gardening and Free Travel

January 9th, 2013 at 01:54 am

We have been getting a lot of tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis from the garden this summer. There has also some strawberries and a handful of blueberries. We have been having salads everyday.

All this week DH has to catch the bus part way to work instead of the train all the way because they are doing some work on the train tracks. Not all buses has the ticketing facilities, I think most of them are school buses they have no need for it (it is our school holiday that's why they are using them). So DH hasn't been paying for some of his trip. I think it will be at least $20 savings for the week. And because of the inconvenience they have been providing breakfast, DH got free banana yesterday. They've also been giving away bbq breakfast sausages, he has opted not to have any of those.

Great day

December 5th, 2012 at 01:39 am

Waking up to the nice fresh smell of pine tree is amazing. This is the first time ever that I am 100% happy with our christmas tree. Not the most frugal way to get a tree but I was happy to pay for it because the proceed went to the scouts.

Today I found out that the reserve bank have decreased the interest rate again late yesterday afternoon. Good news for us mortgage holders.

Also today in the garden, I just picked a handful of cherry tomatoes, first time this summer. I think in two weeks time I will have more to come. Also there are more strawberries to pick soon.


November 19th, 2012 at 05:15 am

Today I pulled out 1 red radish from the garden, the first one for this season. This is the first time I've ever grown radish, they are actually really easy to grow here it has only been 6/7 weeks since I planted the seeds. I will definitely be growing these again.

The strawberries I planted about 3/4 months ago (in winter) have now got lots of fruits, probably another month before I can harvest, although there is one big one already that will probably be ready in 2 weeks time.

The tomatoes seedlings that I planted 2 months ago have now got lots of green tomatoes, not long now for those.

The zucchini, cucumber and beans are slowly growing.

Jogging, Gardening and Ironing

May 6th, 2012 at 10:31 am

Today was a great day. We slept in. The weather was pretty good so we decided to go for a jog. On the way to jogging we stop by at a store to buy a new iron. Our 15 year old iron (which was handed down to us 11 years ago by MIL) has not been working that well in the last couple of months, so it was time to get a new one. We looked at 2 stores and second one was slightly cheaper and was giving us a further $5 dollars off. We went for another Philips, I was looking at two models one was the cheap one for $50 and the one that we got was for $95 (this was more powerful and had an auto shut off). After we decided to get the more expensive one we found out that there is $20 cash back for this model (but none for the cheaper one). So it will end up being only $75. The sales person was of course trying to sell us the $300-400 once. Those ones claim to cut your ironing in half. Well if it cost 4 times as much I expect it to cut my ironing time to a quarter. I used the iron tonight and it was fantastic, I might actually start to like ironing - Not!

We went jogging for an hour along the river, and afterwards had little picnic. We brought sandwiches with us. We did well considering we went jogging pass one of our favourite caf who make really yummy cakes. For 1 hour of jogging I put in $6 worth in the exercise challenge (xmas fund).

Afterward we came home and planted the kaffir lime, passion fruit and the strawberries that I got yesterday. Im not too sure how the strawberries will go planting it in autumn. I hope it will survive the winter. I planted in a big bag so that I can move it around. It is an experiment; if it works Ill be enjoying some strawberries in spring.

The bag only cost $2 and the seedlings was $2.95 and probably used about $5 worth of soil/manure/sugar cane.

A more productive day

April 20th, 2012 at 09:31 am

After yesterday's lazy day, I was so much more productive today.

- I cleaned our bathroom, I gave it good scrub.
- Did a bit of dusting
- Vaccuumed the floors
- Got the laundry ready for tomorrow, including soaking some of the whites. We try to do our laundry on the weekend when its off-peak time for our electricity.
- Also did some gardening. I re-potted an orchid got 4 bigger pots out of it. It really needed it, I actually had to break the old pot to get it out. I got another 3 or 4 more to do. I will need to get more of the bigger pots. Also planted some of my coriander seedlings into its permanent place.
- Called and sorted my super fund (retirement fund) to get access to it online. Good news it is up, more than I expected it to be. I normally contribute to it $40 twice a month and then I get a co-contribution from the government - around $1000 per year. Because I haven't work for months now there hasn't been anymore money going into it but my little contribution.
- Cooked dinner early, no chance of take away tonight. And that made it a NSD today.

Gardening this Summer

September 17th, 2009 at 12:51 am

I've decided not to waste my time with the veggie garden this summer. According to the experts this is going to be a very hot summer. We just don't have enough water to have a veggie garden. Hopefully this time next year we will have a water tank but unfortunately that is not our priority right now. I also want to spend most of my energy this summer on doing more house repairs/renovations instead. I think if I plant too much it will get neglected, and it will just be a waste of time and money.

I'm thinking of still planting a couple of tomato plants and keep up with my herb garden and other plants that is already in the ground. Also DH want to get and plant a fruit tree or lime/lemon tree this year. We will probably get one and plant it this weekend. I really miss our fruit trees (esp the fig tree), we had to get rid off it because it was in a bad spot.

Hopefully the weather will be nice this weekend for gardening, we need to get our garden and lawn prep before the really hot weather comes. This should have been done a month ago but we got too busy and on our free time the weather hasn't been as co-operative.

Weekend Update so far...

January 18th, 2009 at 03:14 am

The last few days have been very spendy, but I am hoping to get back to having NSD's again, starting today.

Yesterday (Saturday) we went out for lunch and also rented some DVD's. Overall it was pretty cheap entertainment. Rented 4 movies for $10 sure beats going to the movies where it is around $14 per adult ticket. So far we've watched Batman the Dark Knight and Taken.

Picked from the garden.

18 Jan - 2pm

Daily Update

January 13th, 2009 at 12:13 am

I'm really killing NSD this month, after yesterday's NSD we are now up to 8 for the month. Another 4 and we will achieve our goal of having 12 NSD for the month.

Today's weather here is going to be hot so I made sure to water the vegie garden well last night. While doing that I also harvested more silverbeet (they grow so well), 3 baby zucchinis and the first cucumber for the season.

I made casserole last night, had it with steam rice. And had some extra to put in the freezer.

13 Jan - 11am

Daily Update - Hey No Spender!

January 8th, 2009 at 11:34 pm

Not much to update really, yesterday was another NSD, our 5th NSD for the month...yipee. We had spag bol for dinner with salad and DH toasted some of his homemade bread and rubbed garlic on it. The leftover is for lunch.

I spent some time gardening yesterday and took some photos of the plants:

One of the basil plant/pot.

Lemongrass - not looking as good these days. I think I need to either replant the whole thing in the ground or at least replant half of it to another pot. Probably needs more watering too, this one tends to get neglected. I guess it needs more TLC.

Chilli plant - some are ready for picking.

9 Jan - 10:30am

The Vegie Garden

December 14th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

It has been raining heavily and really windy here in the last few days. It seemed to have stopped today. All this water is really good for the plants except the tomatoes. I picked the first tomato for the season and it has a split due to too much water. Apart from that it looks tasty.

This is great time in the garden, everyday there is always new & exciting things to be found. I can now see little capsicum and okra growing. Even that once dying zucchini has now got a baby zucchini growing. And some of the eggplants are almost ready for eating.

Dinner & More Gardening

December 6th, 2008 at 10:50 am

Dinner was great tonight. I've been craving for salmon for few days now, so earlier today we went to the market to get some produce and decided to get some salmon. I cooked it for dinner tonight on a bed of steamed silverbeet and a side of mash potato and greek salad. Great tasty and healty dinner. And it was quite cheap too since some vegies and herbs were taken from the garden.

Did some more gardening this afternoon. I planted some more tomatoes and capsicum. Also did some cleaning up. I can now see a couple of baby zucchinis growing. There are a few baby eggplants now too (these were from last year's plant). I tried to take some photos but my camera is not working, I need to charge the batteries.

Oh, I finished cleaning the pantry yesterday. Now I'm thinking of re-organising the rest of the kitchen cupboards.


December 1st, 2008 at 10:01 am

We had our first serving of the silverbeet, it was nice. I picked and washed it. We then just steamed it and just finished off with a little bit of butter. Really fresh and healthy.

I also picked some basil for some tomato and basil salad. Unfortunately the tomatoes were bought. Hopefully soon we will be getting some tomatoes from the garden.

I just cleaned another shelf of the pantry, 2 down 3 to go.

Wicked Weekend

November 30th, 2008 at 07:09 am

Dh and I just came home from watching Wicked (the musical show), it was fantastic! The best thing was it was for free, although we still spent some money on some food, drinks and parking.

Other than going to the show our weekend was spent just doing some housework and gardening. The zucchini that almost died a few weeks ago is still surviving well, even though it was the biggest seedling to start with it has caught up with the other plants. 2 of the other zucchini plants are already flowering. Also started organising the pantry again, I've managed to clean 1 whole shelf! I'm doing it one at the time because I can actually get it done that way. I've been meaning to clean this pantry for 2-3 months now and everytime I think about doing it I get so overwhelmed that I just never start it. So I think by cleaning/organising it one shelf at the time I might actually get it done.

Well that was my weekend and tomorrow is back to work again...sigh.

A handful of strawberries.

November 15th, 2008 at 06:11 am

Update on the zucchini - it is surviving.

It finally rained the other day and since then the days has been a lot cooler, although it is starting to heat up again.

We got up early today and did a lot of planting - lettuces, silver beets, rockets, more zucchinis, tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflowers. Now we just need to get the birds, snails and other nasties. It's a constant stuggle with those things.

These are the strawberries that I managed to pick from the garden today too. The strawberries were actually planted last year. We are actually getting more fruit from them this year, although the birds got some of them. I have now resorted to putting a net to keep them out.

Zucchini is dying

November 12th, 2008 at 10:10 am

Today's weather was a lot hotter than expected and it might have killed the zucchini I transplanted yesterday. Even though I watered it this morning before leaving for work it still got burnt. I don't know if it is going to survive, tomorrow is going to be really hot again but it is going to cool down in the late afternoon. I'm hoping the watering it got this afternoon will help it survive. Lucky I didn't plant all the zucchini seedlings yesterday.


November 11th, 2008 at 11:26 am

I did some gardening late this afternoon, planted some zucchini and pumpkin in the ground. There are still more seedlings that needs planting but I think I'm going to wait until the weekend when hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler. It's a bit hot here in the next few days, the seedlings might not survive it. I did some weeding to get the area ready for it.

A tomato that I planted last month has now got couple of fruits. Can't wait to have fresh tomatoes from the garden again. The basils are also going along just in time for the tomatoes. Tomato and basil salad is my favourite.