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Wicked Weekend

November 29th, 2008 at 11:09 pm

Dh and I just came home from watching Wicked (the musical show), it was fantastic! The best thing was it was for free, although we still spent some money on some food, drinks and parking.

Other than going to the show our weekend was spent just doing some housework and gardening. The zucchini that almost died a few weeks ago is still surviving well, even though it was the biggest seedling to start with it has caught up with the other plants. 2 of the other zucchini plants are already flowering. Also started organising the pantry again, I've managed to clean 1 whole shelf! I'm doing it one at the time because I can actually get it done that way. I've been meaning to clean this pantry for 2-3 months now and everytime I think about doing it I get so overwhelmed that I just never start it. So I think by cleaning/organising it one shelf at the time I might actually get it done.

Well that was my weekend and tomorrow is back to work again...sigh.

A handful of strawberries.

November 14th, 2008 at 10:11 pm

Update on the zucchini - it is surviving.

It finally rained the other day and since then the days has been a lot cooler, although it is starting to heat up again.

We got up early today and did a lot of planting - lettuces, silver beets, rockets, more zucchinis, tomatoes, cucumbers and sunflowers. Now we just need to get the birds, snails and other nasties. It's a constant stuggle with those things.

These are the strawberries that I managed to pick from the garden today too. The strawberries were actually planted last year. We are actually getting more fruit from them this year, although the birds got some of them. I have now resorted to putting a net to keep them out.

Zucchini is dying

November 12th, 2008 at 02:10 am

Today's weather was a lot hotter than expected and it might have killed the zucchini I transplanted yesterday. Even though I watered it this morning before leaving for work it still got burnt. I don't know if it is going to survive, tomorrow is going to be really hot again but it is going to cool down in the late afternoon. I'm hoping the watering it got this afternoon will help it survive. Lucky I didn't plant all the zucchini seedlings yesterday.


November 11th, 2008 at 03:26 am

I did some gardening late this afternoon, planted some zucchini and pumpkin in the ground. There are still more seedlings that needs planting but I think I'm going to wait until the weekend when hopefully the weather will be a bit cooler. It's a bit hot here in the next few days, the seedlings might not survive it. I did some weeding to get the area ready for it.

A tomato that I planted last month has now got couple of fruits. Can't wait to have fresh tomatoes from the garden again. The basils are also going along just in time for the tomatoes. Tomato and basil salad is my favourite.

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