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Went to the optometrist again today

December 15th, 2012 at 03:27 am

This morning I ordered my contact lenses online. I decided to get a box (30 for each eye) of the same brand that I'm currently using and also another 30 per box of the new brand that the optometrist prescribed. I really don't know why she prescribed a different one to what I'm currently using. Anyway, my current ones were on special sale, only $20 per box and the other was $24.70 per box. There is only slight difference in diameter and the curve base of it. I'm hoping that this new one might be easier to put on and take off, I don't really anticipate any difference. The postage is $10 plus gst so buying the extra 2 boxes at the same time was cheaper per box. This should last me 8-10 months. All up it was $99.40 but I might be able to get some of it back from our health insurance.

Then we went to the shopping centre to get new glasses, they have a deal to get two for the price of one. The cheapest one for this deal were $149, when they scan through my health insurance card they ended up to be $0. I skipped on all the extra fancy stuff this time around. I wasn't really keen on getting them as the one that I really like was only $30, but since they didn't cost anything I decided to just get them (I can have different style for different occassion). At this stage I still kept going back to the $30 one, which I'm sure made the lady think that I might be insane. Anyway, I decided to also get her to put it through, at this stage I thought I will have to pay full price on the $30 one but it turned out for all 3 glasses I was only $13.65 out of pocket. Not a bad deal. The funny thing is I can actually go back next month and get more glasses for free. Not that I would. If I did that then they would definitely think I am crazy!

After getting my glasses we went to Aldi and to another supermarket in the same shopping centre. We many done christmas shopping, we now have turkey, ham and other stuff that we are planning to have for christmas. I mainly just need to get seafood and fresh produce on Christmas eve.

2 Responses to “Went to the optometrist again today”

  1. North Georgia Gal Says:

    What website did you get your contacts from? That is alot cheaper than I pay for contacts.

  2. Shiela Says:


    Note:this is an Australian site.

    Specsaver is the company that the optometrist work for, they have shops everywhere here (on most major shopping centres anyway).

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