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Bills, Bills, Bills

September 6th, 2008 at 09:53 pm

Paid a lot of bills yesterday. Water was really high this month because it included the Annual Parks Charge. That was worth more than $55. The gas was also quite high because of higher winter usage. Can't wait for the weather to start getting warmer, which should cut down our gas usage. So utilities this month is more than $350, I guess they are coming due all at once since we didn't have any last month.

Also paid credit card bills, they weren't too bad.

Later this month our quartely property rate(tax) is due, it has gone up by about $10 for the year. Good news is that the value of our property has also gone up by about $20K.

Oh another good news is that our interest rate has finally gone down (first time for 7 years). Which means about $30 less a month interest on our mortgage.

Well that's all the update I've got for now.

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